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We believe we can stop the warehouse. We have a lawsuit against the Town of Phillipsburg to overturn the ordinance, Ordinance 2021-14, that changed the property from residental to heavy industrial. We believe this is the only way this warehouse can be stopped.  We need your help to continue this lawsuit.  $4,000 will take us through the next step of the legal process.

GoFundMeButton01Please support the lawsuit against the town and help stop the warehouse in downtown Phillipsburg along the Delaware River. Click on the image to the right to donate using the Gofundme site set up for the purpose of collecting money to support this litigation.  You can also check out the "donate" tab to get more information regarding other ways to donate.


Peron Corporation would like to build a warehouse on Howard Street in Phllipsburg.  This warehouse would be in downtown Phillipsburg, next to the Delaware River.  This warehouse would bring hundreds of tractor trailer trucks a day to either Phillipsburg's South Main Street or most likely send truck through largely residential neighborhoods in Pohatcong.  It is very likely hundreds of trucks will go both on South Main Street through Phillipsburg business district and go through Pohatcong.

If we win this lawsuit, Ordinance 2021-14 will be vacated and the property zoning will return to residential from heavy industrial.  If the property reverts to residential, a warehouse can't be built on it.

We believe we can win the lawsuit.  We believe we have a very strong case for vacating Ordinance 2021-14.  We believe there were conflicts of interest with at least one of the Town Council members that voted for Ordinance 2021-14.  We believe because of the conflicts of interest that the Court will vacate Ordinance 2021-14.  Obviously, one can never provide guarantees regarding litigation, but we do believe we have a very strong case given the evidence we have.

More specifically, one or more of the Phillipsburg Town Council members were personally represented by the law firm Florio, Perrucci, Steinhard, Tipton and Tayler.  Michael Perrucci is an owner of this law firm.  Michael Perrucci is listed is listed as the  100% owner of Peron Construction. 

Any Town Council members who were represented by this law firm should not have voted on Ordinance 2021-14.  We believe the Court will vacate Ordinance 2021-14, and when Ordinance 2021-14 is vacated the construction of the warehouse will stop.  We also believe because of the results of the last election, there are not enough votes on Town Council to pass this  ordinance again.