GoFundMeButton01A brief summary:

Some residents from the Town of Phillipsburg are suing the Town of Phillipsburg in an effort to vacate Ordinance 2021-14.  Ordinance 2021-14 is the ordinance that changed the zoning on the Peron Howard Street property next to the Delaware River from residential to heavy industrial.  If Ordinance 2021-14 is allowed to stand, then the Peron Howard Street Property along the Delaware River will be considered heavy industrial and Peron Construction will build a large warehouse.  There are many reasons this is a bad idea for Phillipsburg.  For further details, please visit https://phillipsburg.nowarehouse.org . 

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We believe in full transparency, and that is why we support an affiated site publishing all the public court documents possible relating to this lawsuit.  You can find a listing of all the court documents at https://phillipsburg.nowarehouse.org/index.php/court-documents  .

Why we believe we will be successful:

Click on image to the right to see the njspotlightnews.org article about the lawsuit to stop the warehouse.  We have already seen success with the warehouse developer being prevented from taking Delaware River Park which is Green Acres encumbered property.  Trying to prevent Delaware River Park from being taken for warehouse development was part of our lawsuit.

One of our primary arguments in our lawsuit is that we believe Ordinance 2021-14 will be vacated due to the fact that one or more Town Council members had a conflict of interest when they voted fopr this ordinance.  

Here are a set of facts related to the conflict of interest:

  • As per paperwork submitted to the Town of Phillipsburg, attorney Michael Perrucci is the 100% owner of the Peron Construction which owns the Peron Howard Street Property along the Delaware River.
  • Attorney Michael Perrucci is a named partner in the law firm Florio, Perrucci, Steinhardt, Cappelli, Tipton and Taylor. A law firm partner is an attorney with partial ownership of the law firm.
  • We believe one or more of the members of Council were represented personally and/or individually by the law firm Florio, Perrucci, Steinhardt, Tipton and Taylor.
  • We believe that members of Council that were represented by the law firm Florio, Perrucci, Steinhardt, Tipton and Taylor had a conflict of interest when voting for an ordinance that involve Michael Perrucci, who was an owner of the law firm and additionally the owner of Peron Corporation.

Somewhat independent of the lawsuit, but clearly related, is the fact that Ordinance 2021-14 is the foundation of everything that allows a warehouse to be built on the Peron Howard Street property.  If Ordinance 2021-14 is vacated due to a conflict of interest, then the warehouse will not be able to be built using Ordinance 2021-14.  Also, since the election of new Town Council members, we do not believe the new Town Council will again approve the Peron Howard Street property to be rezoned to heavy industrial.

GoFundMeButton01Of course, when dealing with the court system there are no guarantees, but we, and our attorney, believe we have a very strong case.

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