In an effort to more provide more convenient access to petitions that we circulate for various environmental causes, we now provide online access to our petiions via

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No Trucks on Center Street There is a real threat to residential roads in Town of Phillipsburg being turned into truck bypass routes that will open these roads and the associated neighborhoods to unlimited and unrestricted tractor trailer traffic. Center Street is one of the primary streets on the most likely alternate truck route.  Residents of Center Street and the surrounding area want to stop any possiblitiy of Center Street and surrounding neighborhoods from becoming designated NJDOT approved truck routes.
No Warehouse in Downtown Phillipsburg Along the Delaware River A developer, Michael Perrucci, the owner of Peron Construction, wants to build a warehouse in dowtonw Phillipaburg along the Delaware River.  This warehouse would be built in an overburdened community and not near any highways or major rodeway arteries.  The warehouse would also surround two sides of Delaware River Park, an open space park purchased with Green Acres money from the State of New Jersey.  This is a terrible place to put a warehouse and will negatively affect the quality of life of many Phillipsburg residents.